Things keep growing and growing!

So with the variety of photography work that I've been involved with, I've opted to add another website to my business.  The new website will house all the sport-centric work I do.  It's called Combat Sport Photo and encompasses individual athletes.  Combat  as defined by "a fight or contest between individuals or groups" and the participants in that arena.  MMA, martial arts, wrestling, boxing or any sport that places one against another.  I'll also be photographing the environment of such activities as well as portraits of the athletes themselves.  Plenty of fun and variety.  Give it a look and let me know what you think!

MMA Pro: Jonathan Lemke

Located in Brewer Maine and training with Team Irish MMA Fitness Academy, Jon Lemke is a powerhouse of a fighter.  He reached out to me to do a shoot prior to his next televised fight.  I agreed, and it was a blast.  We got together at the gym, the very gym where he spends most of his time training.  I asked him if he had any preferences or direction he wanted me to focus on?  His reply:  "You do what you feel is best".  So we began.  Twenty minutes into the shoot it was time for a lighting change so I moved a few things around and as I was walking away, one of the studio lights didn't have quite the length needed to the outlet and it came crashing down.  Although there was some minor damage to the light hood and one of the bulbs, the strobe head itself and main bulb kept firing just fine.  I was lucky!  No glass was broken, one bent hood and a more cautious photographer ensued.  Ha!  Throughout the shoot, Jon was extremely cooperative, a pleasure to direct and open to suggestions.  Lots of images were taken with a handful shared here.  Enjoy.

OCB Pine Tree State Championships

Last weekend was a chance to photograph some incredible people! A super fun event to shoot, it was a blast!  Lots of competitors and amazingly talented.  All natural bodybuilding.  None of that steroid stuff.  Bangor/Brewer was well represented with FIVE athletes entered in multiple classes.  If you haven't attended one of these events, you should.  Months to years of hard work, discipline and strict diets is what it takes to get to this level of fitness.  Congrats to all!