View a few of my images, framed and wonderfully displayed!

If you'd like to see a sampling of my work in various sizes that are meticulously framed and matted, then head over to the Greater Bangor Conventions Bureau.  For a limited time, these pieces are on display at the GBCVB.  Each of the images were chosen to highlight aspects of where we live.  

Mount Katahdin for starters is an iconic Maine landscape.  It's not that far from Bangor so a leisure day would get you there and back.  Plenty to do and see.  This was shot from the East Northeast on a rather chilly windy day!  

The cabin on the lake was shot at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge.  It'll take you about 20 minutes to get there from downtown Bangor to Old Town to check out this hidden treasure of a spot.  The cabin is on the edge of Lac D'Or  surrounded by many trails that highlight a variety of landscapes.  A wonderful spot to hike in a tranquil setting.

The railroad trestle takes many by surprise.  It's right in the heart of Bangor!  It's the regularly used railroad swing bridge which parallels the Penobscot River Bridge.  (the furthest upstream of the three highway bridges connecting Bangor and Brewer)

The largest print currently on display is the night shot of the Kenduskeag Stream looking from the Washington Street bridge in Bangor. 

It's easy to pass by these places and not pay much attention to them.  Taking a moment at the right time to look at what some may consider ordinary, can turn out to be pretty amazing.

Go to the Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau and see my images and check out all the cool things they have going on!  Also find them here: