The Bangor Region Leadership Institute has kicked off the year with a new class!

So each year from October thru May, the Bangor Region Leadership Institute (BRLI) takes a group of individuals representing a wide variety of businesses and  provides tools, practical experience and networking in order to refine their leadership and management skills to enhance their performance in their professional lives.  This may be at work, activities around community involvement or any relationship-based endeavor.

 Dealing with people, imperfect situations and identifying challenges and methods for identifying solutions requires time and resources, which is why it's an eight month program.  It allows plenty of opportunity to see what's going on in the greater Bangor region and provides access to some of the "behind the scenes" of many parts of the regions economic and social landscape.  It was echoed by many in the past that although they grew up in the area, they had no idea of the many unique or often overlooked businesses that thrive in this part of the state.  These economic gems are small and specific to the immediate area, while some are large and have a global reach.    Nestled in the corner of the country, there is a buzz of activity adding to why this is a special place to work and live.

I'm fortunate to be able to document the transition of 26 strangers (most of whom have never met each other before) and how an eclectic bunch of talented people work together, over eight months towards a common goal (a project is in store for them starting in November), and end up as high performing team.  More to be shared about that in the weeks ahead.  

Photographing this class will be a challenge because of the technical variety of the environments that will be visited.  Each "BRLI day" will have a fast paced fun approach.  For the class, it will be positive experience and what also should contribute to long lasting friendships years after completing this program.  Who knows what's going to develop from the team effort with the yet-to-be-determined project?  It will be a fast and furious year, and I expect to be there capturing as much of it as I can.  A challenging and enjoyable project for me for sure!