The Grayscale Project

Not your typical portrait session.  It's a challenge for me to highlight something about you.  This is why it's my project.  Ultimately what I want is for you hold a print in your hands which represents something special to you.  Something that charges you with emotion.  Does it make you happy, confident or mysterious?  No right or wrong.  It's all about YOU and artful expression.  This project isn't filled props or distractions.  The single focus is you.  Is it an element of your personality that isn't always seen or open to the public?  Have you started a new chapter in your life and are excited about what comes next?  Have you gone through some challenges and now those challenges are behind you?  What is your story?  What is it that YOU want to see? 

If this is of any interest to you.  Please send me a note as to why this concept is of interest to you.  As a thank you I will provide you with a 5x7 print of your choice.  If there are additional images you wish to have, then standard portrait prices would apply.  You are not obligated to purchase anything.

As I contemplated how this project would function, I decided to focus on capturing the personality that's often not seen by the public.  Something that's powerful and eloquent.  As this project develops, I want to capture and show the emotional element that is true to you, yet missed by those who aren't paying attention.   


All Black and White

The format is specific due to it's timeless nature


Feature 2

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Stirring the pot

Everyone interact with people.  Family, friends, coworkers and strangers.  When those familiar to us are forced to see us in a different context, it memorable.